Greta Van Susteren went after Pamela Geller in her Off the Record commentary Tuesday night, arguing that the Muhammad drawing contest needlessly put Texas law enforcement officers at risk. 

The weekend contest was attacked by two gunmen, possibly with links to ISIS, and one security guard was hurt before the attackers were shot dead.

Van Susteren highlighted Donald Trump's reaction, in which he said that Geller is a "provocateur" who was "taunting" Muslims by holding the cartoon contest. 

For her part, Geller told Sean Hannity that the First Amendment is supposed to protect all speech and criticized the media for the negative reaction she has received.

Greta pointed out that police officers in Garland, Texas, had no choice but to protect the people who attended the event. 

“Everyone knew this event would unglue some, who might become violent. ... Was it fair to the police to knowingly put them at risk by this unnecessary provocation? I say no," said Van Susteren, adding that Americans should also be committed to protecting police.

She said the First Amendment supporters at this event were not risking their own "you know what," rather they were putting police officers' lives on the line.

Watch Greta's commentary above and Trump's interview with Neil Cavuto below.