Dr. Ben Carson spoke to Megyn Kelly tonight on "The Kelly File" in his first TV interview since officially announcing that he will seek the Republican nomination for president.

Carson revealed that his mother was a huge influence on him, and the most important thing she taught him was to refuse to accept excuses.

"All of us have a lot of obstacles in our lives, a lot of problems," Carson said. "And if we can find an excuse, then we can just wallow in that, and we don't have to do anything about it. And generally, people who always blame somebody else for something are people who don't accomplish very much."

Are we cultivating a victim culture in America now? Megyn asked.

"Without question," Carson said. "It's intergenerational now, and it molds itself into an entitlement mentality where people think that they are owed an existence. And what we really owe people is an opportunity. And we have to re-instill that can-do attitude that is so important in our nation."

Watch the exclusive "Kelly File" interview above. 

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