On "The Kelly File" tonight, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson fielded questions from viewers and shared his vision for the country.

One viewer asked on Twitter, in the wake of the terror attack on a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas, what is Carson's view on free speech and its limits.

"Freedom of speech was hard-fought for in this country, and there's no way that we should ever allow the First Amendment to be compromised," Carson stated.

He explained that we should be civil and respectful to one another, but we must defend freedom of speech "with ever fiber in our bodies."

"When somebody says, 'No, you may not say that, because if you do, there's going to be terrorist acts against you,' our government needs to come out and fight that with everything available," Carson said.

Another viewer said he was interested in both economic and social freedom and asked Carson why voters with libertarian leanings should vote for him in 2016.

"For a millennial or young person, you should vote for somebody who is looking out for your interests," Carson said, noting that a rising $18 trillion national debt is definitely not good for young people.

"This country possesses the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known. But it cannot function when we fetter it with a kazillion regulations and with a tax structure that does not encourage entrepreneurial risk-taking and capital investment," Carson said, calling for lower corporate tax rates and a reformation of our whole tax system.

Watch Carson answer viewer questions in the "Kelly File" clip above.

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