A viral video shows a soldier’s amazing perseverance when she refused to give up on a grueling march.

Army Capt. Sarah Cudd fell to the ground twice in the final moments of a 12-mile foot march. She was surrounded by cheering soldiers who told her, “You got it, ma’am,” as she picked herself up and pressed on to the finish line.

As a result of her amazing efforts, Cudd was one of 46 candidates that day to earn the Expert Field Medical Badge. About 80 percent of candidates fall short.

Cudd said that she was ready to go home in those final moments of the march, but that her fellow soldiers’ words of encouragement kept her going.

“They were willing me forward,” she said.

Cudd explained how the experience made her stronger.

“Only when you push yourself, only when you’re slightly uncomfortable can you grow,” she said. “It’s by doing those difficult things that seem impossible at the very beginning that make you a stronger human being.”

Watch her “Fox and Friends” interview above, and check out the full video below.

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