“American Sniper” Chris Kyle’s widow has written the final chapter of their love story in a new book.

Taya Kyle’s new memoir, “American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal,” tells the story of the love and pain of their marriage.

Kyle said that the “American Sniper” film did a good job of showing what happened in some of their moments, but explained that their lives couldn’t be compressed into two hours.

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She said of her book, “I think this just shows the other side to him, just like all warriors have this other side to them, too. They do it ‘cause they have a big heart, and this is the other side of having that heart.”

Kyle said she thinks her husband would have liked the book.

“Everything that I did, he supported […] he wanted to let me be me,” she said.

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She added, “Our story is really so many people’s story.”

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