Dramatic video shows the rescue of a toddler who was standing inches from the ledge of a roof.

Neighbor Jacob Durant captured the heart-stopping scene, which shows a 2-year-old boy in just a diaper as he stands on the roof of a three-story home in Frankford, Pa.

Authorities say there were no adults in the home, and the door was locked. Witnesses called police and begged the little boy to stay put as they waited for help.

Firefighters raised a ladder to the toddler while police broke into the home and grabbed the 2-year-old boy through the window.

Two women are now facing child endangerment charges.

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Police say the little boy and another child were home alone when this unfolded. According to investigators, the mother of the two children was inside the home next door at the time of the incident. Two women were taken from the scene in handcuffs to the Special Victims Unit for questioning. The children were taken to Saint Christopher's Hospital to be checked out.

"Where's the parents? How could they do this? Baby's at home left alone in his diaper," said Jacob.

Jacob praised the quick work of the 15th District officers and firefighters on the scene for getting to the child quickly and before anything could happen to him.

"It ended well. Yes sir, this is a great thing," he said.

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