In his Talking Points Memo last night, Bill O'Reilly called for FBI Director James Comey to investigate Hillary Clinton over allegations made in the book "Clinton Cash."

"The O'Reilly Factor" host appeared on "The Five" today to explain why he believes the FBI must immediately start an investigation into the Clinton Foundation's finances.

"The FBI has to look into this to preserve the sanctity of the electoral process," O'Reilly said, explaining that the FBI is the one organization that can get the truth, since it's a criminal investigatory agency.

"And because this is a presidential election issue now, the FBI has to go in ... They have no choice. They have to investigate this."

O'Reilly reiterated that the FBI can start an investigation without approval from President Obama or the attorney general, and with so much on the line, there's no reason not to.

"If I were Bill and Hillary Clinton, I'd be calling for this investigation," O'Reilly said.

"I say Bill and Hillary Clinton should call for the investigation to make sure all the facts get on the table, so we can elect Hillary Clinton president in good conscience," O'Reilly said. "We want, as American voters, the facts. Did you do anything wrong? Is the [Clinton] Foundation dirty?"

"If the U.S. presidency can be bought, then this country is doomed," O'Reilly stated. "That's how bad this is. We need to know if Hillary Clinton violated any laws. And the FBI is the only agency on this Earth that can get us that."

Watch more from O'Reilly on "The Five" above.

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