A would-be robber picked the wrong man to mess with.

Arthur Kamberis, a 95-year-old World War II veteran, was walking in Manchester, N.H., when a man tried to take his wallet. The vet said he used his walking cane to fight off the suspect because he was afraid he’d lose all the valuables in his wallet.

“I hit him, and I hit him hard […] I’m a tough old buck,” he said.

WMUR reported:

Police said they always recommend surrendering goods during robberies because things can be replaced, but people can't. Despite the attempted robbery, Kamberis said he has no plans to change his routine -- with one exception.

"When I go out alone, my .357 Magnum will be with me all the time when I'm alone, because I cannot protect myself other than the cane," he said.

While the incident was unfolding, an unidentified bystander witnessed what was happening and went to help Kamberis. Police said the would-be robber saw the man coming and ran off.

Now, police are on the lookout for the suspect, pictured below.

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