On tonight's "On The Record," the winner of the "Draw Muhammad" event in Garland, Texas, Bosch Fawstin, told Greta Van Susteren about his experience during and after the attack that left two Islamist gunmen dead.

"One of the SWAT team members went up to the podium and told us that there were shots fired," Fawstin said. "And they took us all into a separate area of the building."

Fawstin said that the contest was important to him because it's about freedom of speech, which he asserted is "under siege."

"I understand the threat that we face and that's why I do what I do," Fawstin said. "I do it because we're being threatened. This has to be fought head-on."

"As artists, as writers, as thinkers, as Americans, as people who love freedom, and the entire West, we need to hit back. Not with violence, with the truth, with our art, with our writing," Fawstin said. "Once free speech goes, it's over."

Watch the video above.

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