The woman who organized last night’s Muhammad cartoon event in Texas was on “Fox and Friends” today to react to the shooting.

Authorities say two gunmen were killed after they shot and wounded a security guard outside of a Muhammad cartoon event in Garland, Texas. reported:

The Garland Independent School District, which owns and operates the Culwell Center, identified the wounded security officer as Bruce Joiner in a statement. The statement added that Joiner was shot in the ankle, was treated and released from a local hospital.

The statement did not say whether the shooting was related to the event, a contest hosted by the New York-based American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) that would award $10,000 for the best cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

AFDI President Pamela Geller told “Fox and Friends” that this shooting is indicative of how vital free speech conferences are.

“The idea that there’s a violent war, there’s a violent assault on free speech clearly was brought home last night,” Geller said.

Geller said that we entered a new era with last night’s shooting, remarking that this didn't happen in Paris or Copenhagen – it happened in Texas.

“There is a war on free speech,” she said.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Geller: Was there another way to express freedom of speech that wouldn’t have been considered offensive to Muslims?

“I’m not responsible for the violence conducted by others,” Geller said. “It’s outrageous that this would even be the morally inverted view of the media, that somehow because we drew a cartoon, that two gunmen with AK-47s tried to storm the building and shoot up innocent people, and somehow they’re not responsible?”

She added, “We will not abridge our freedom of speech in order to not offend savages.”

Watch the interview above.