Leland Vittert reported from Baltimore tonight on "Hannity" and gave an update on the situation in the city after it was thrown into chaos by riots and looting.

"There were dozens of businesses that were looted, and what was stunning to the business owners themselves is as the looting was going on, they were calling 911. And, as we have reported, the police did nothing because they had an order from the mayor to 'let them loot. It's only property,'" Vittert said.

One business owner told Vittert that in a half-hour his store was completely destroyed, resulting in more than $30,000 in damage.

Another business owner told Vittert that many of the problems were caused because police officers were told by the mayor to only protect life, not property.

Vittert said that as the businesses rebuild, they are concerned that police again won't show up the next time there is violence.

He added that many cops feel "demoralized, hung out to dry and abandoned."

"There's a sentiment here of 'why bother showing up?'" Vittert reported.

Watch the clip above.

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