Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on "Your World" to share insight on key portions of the Patriot Act that that are set to expire at the end of the month, including the NSA's collection of phone and Internet data.

Judge Napolitano is against those portions of the Patriot Act being extended, saying that the Fourth Amendment was created to prevent general warrants from being used against citizens.

"You may say, 'Does this keep us safer?' Well, it doesn't keep us safer," Judge Napolitano said. "We know that these two guys who were killed - thankfully, before they could kill anyone else - in Garland, Texas ... had been tweeting, and the NSA didn't pick it up. Why didn't the NSA pick it up? Because they pick up everything. Because they don't have the time to sift through the bad guys from the good, because they take grandma talking to grandpa."

Judge Napolitano said that the feds knew these two men in Texas were bad guys, particularly one of them who had been the subject of a restraining order.

"All they would have to do is go to a judge with this evidence about him, and the judge would give them a search warrant to listen to him," Judge Napolitano explained, adding that process would only take about 15 minutes.

"When the government is no longer governed by the same law that governs the rest of us, then the rule of law is gone," Judge Napolitano said. "And we are subject to the whim of whoever is in power."

"Right now, we have a person in power who most people, you and I, would not trust our liberties in his hands, Barack Obama."

Watch the judge's full analysis above.

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