New details are emerging about the two suspects in a shooting outside of a Muhammad cartoon event in Garland, Texas.

The gunmen opened fire on a security guard and were then gunned down by police. The security guard was wounded, but survived.

Muhammad Cartoon Event Organizer: 'There's a Violent Assault on Free Speech'

Here’s what we know about the gunmen so far:

- The first suspect has been identified as 30-year-old Elton Simpson, who was convicted in a terror probe. The Washington Post reported that he was convicted in 2011 of lying about plans to travel to Africa to join a Somali terror group.

- The Washington Post has identified the second suspect as Simpson’s 34-year-old roommate, Nadir Soofi.

- Authorities have been searching for clues at the suspects’ apartment complex in Phoenix, Ariz., since late last night.

- Meanwhile, the car that the suspects arrived in is still at the crime scene, surrounded by bullet casings and evidence markers. Up until a few hours ago, their bodies were still at the scene, covered by a blue tarpaulin.

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