Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on "Hannity" tonight to react to the death of an NYPD officer who was shot in the head and the lack of protests and outrage that ensued.

"Cops' lives don't matter," Sheriff Clarke stated. "There's no doubt that had Brian Moore shot and killed the suspect who shot him, it would have led to news, it would have led every news outlet in America [to write], 'White Officer Shoots Black Suspect.' And I think that's sick."

Hannity noted that we never hear about deaths caused by black-on-black violence around the country, only when the police are involved.

How do cops do their job in this environment now? Hannity asked.

"We have big shoulders and we volunteered for this," Sheriff Clarke said. "That's why I tell these cops to keep their chin up."

"The black-on-black crime that occurs in urban centers across America should bring tears to the eyes of a brass monkey. But of course, that's glossed over, that's swept [under] the rug," Sheriff Clarke said.

He noted that between 2009 and 2012, 61 percent of people killed by law enforcement officers were white.

Sheriff Clarke said that statistic proves that it's a myth that law enforcement officers "indiscriminately target and shoot black males as if it's some sort of sport."

Watch the video clip above.

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