On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer reacted to potential GOP presidential candidates Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina officially entering the 2016 race.

Krauthammer described Carson as "charming, disarming and understated, obviously sincere," but said that he believes Carson has stumbled on certain issues in recent months because of his inexperience.

"It's really hard to go from being a top college player to being not only in the major leagues, but immediately in the World Series. It takes a lot of experience," Krauthammer said.

He added that Fiorina is similarly from outside the world of politics, but she has one major advantage.

"Because of the social conventions that we have, it's very hard for a male candidate to attack a female candidate," Krauthammer said. "She has the advantage that she can be sort of unrestrained in her attacks, and I think that's going to help her."

Krauthammer noted that both Carson and Fiorina face an uphill battle, since there has not been a single president since 1953 who came from a non-political background.

Watch the "Special Report" panel react in the clip above.

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