Dr. Ben Carson today announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for president.

“I’m Ben Carson and I’m candidate for president of the United States,” he announced in Detroit, Mich. today.

Carson said it’s time for Americans to “rise up and take the government back,” calling on the people to speak up for America's values and principles.

If president, Carson said he would run the government like a business.

“We are going to change the government into something that looks more like a well-run business than a behemoth of inefficiency,” he pledged.

Carson acknowledged his lack of political experience, explaining that he has gained knowledge in other ways. He said that while he may not have experience busting budgets, he does have experience solving problems.

He also told the crowd, "I’m probably never going to be politically correct because I’m not a politician."

Carson canceled today's scheduled trip to Iowa because his mother, who has been sick, has now fallen critically ill. He posted to Facebook:

My friends in Iowa who I was so hoping to see tonight in Des Moines, I am afraid I must cancel our rally tonight at the...

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Monday, May 4, 2015

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