Leland Vittert spoke to Howard Kurtz on "Media Buzz" from Baltimore about what it's been like reporting on the tense situation in the city.

Vittert said one thing that he found interesting during the riots was that the police were "terrified of doing their jobs," apparently because Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake held them back.

"The idea that the police were outnumbered and outflanked and outgunned is lunacy," Vittert said. "We saw their weapons, we saw how much non-lethal force they had. And it seems as though they had been told time and time again - and this is what our reporting found out - to just stand down, to let it happen."

Vittert said that's one of the reasons the violence and lawlessness went on for so long, since once the police showed they meant business, things quickly quieted down.

Vittert said that he picked up on an anti-media sentiment in the crowd, but that most people were open to talking to the media if they were treated with respect.

As for his run-in with Rawlings-Blake and Al Sharpton on their way to a press conference, Vittert said that the mayor had every opportunity to answer his questions, but she just stood silently by.

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