It appears that "Baltimore mom" might have some competition.

A Georgia mother called the police to teach her misbehaving son a lesson he won't soon forget.

When Chiquita Hill told officers with the Columbus Police Department that her 10-year-old son, Sean, was being disrespectful and uncooperative at school, they showed up and pretended to arrest the boy, even cuffing him and putting him in the squad car.

Hill says that the scare tactic worked like a charm and her son immediately gave her a hug and apologized. Some, however, are questioning if it went too far.

Dr. Michael Fiorillo and Denise Albert debated the issue on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today.

Fiorillo acknowledged that it was extreme, but he said sometimes parents need to take drastic action like this.

"She was at her wits end. And that teacher tried, the teacher couldn't get through to the kid," Fiorillo said. "So, sometimes you need to do stuff like this. And I think it worked."

"It sounds like this boy is a little destructive. And it sounds like the school failed him and his parents failed him," Albert countered. "It takes the power away from his mother by not dealing with it with the school, coming together, figuring out a plan and making something happen."

Albert said that calling the cops should be an absolute last resort after every other option has failed.

"He's too young. If he's 16 and it's a constant behavior pattern and nobody gets through to him, I'll talk about it then. But this is a 10-year-old!"

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