The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) wants FIFA, the international governing body of association football, to suspend Israel from competing in international tournaments.

The PFA claims that the Israeli government is restricting the movement of Palestinian players, while Israel says that security concerns necessitate some restrictions.

"Enough is enough," PFA chief Jibril Rajoub said, asserting that Israel is behaving "like the neighborhood bully, or worse."

Rajoub said he will seek Israel's expulsion from the organization at this month's FIFA Congress.

Dan Gillerman, former Israeli ambassador to the UN, reacted on "America's News Headquarters," saying, "If I were a Palestinian, the last thing I would do is to drag sports into the conflict."

"I think this is crazy, I think this is preposterous and I think that the Palestinians are again proving that they never miss an opportunity ... to make a big mistake," Gillerman said. "Sports is too important, too sacred to be dragged into a political conflict."

"Sports is the great unifier. It should never be the great divider," Gillerman said, calling for FIFA to resolve the conflict.

"I think that FIFA will be sensible about it and just throw the Palestinian demand away."

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