Researchers from Harvard University and Northwestern University say a simple blood test may predict cancer up to 13 years before the disease develops.

They say that patients' chromosomes could hold the key to early detection.

Chairman of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital Dr. David Samadi appeared on "America's News Headquarters" today to share his valuable perspective on this new study.

Dr. Samadi said he never thought they would ever be able to diagnose somebody with 100 percent certainty more than a decade in advance, as this study claims.

"So what exactly is going on? It's a simple blood test," Dr. Samadi explained, noting that this is still in clinical trials.

He revealed that scientists basically take a blood test and look at the ends of the chromosomes, telomeres, which are more damaged in people who end up developing cancer.

"This is a complete game-changer if it really pans out," Dr. Samadi said. "This can practically change the face of cancer. And, of course, we're all excited about it."

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