Dr. Marc Siegel is riding along with former President George W. Bush for the fifth annual bike ride for Wounded Warriors in Texas.

The W100K ride involves about 20 injured service members on a 100-kilometer mountain bike ride near the Bush family's Crawford ranch and seeks to bring attention to the issues of PTSD among returning veterans.

Dr. Siegel reported this morning on "Fox and Friends Weekend" from the third and final day of the ride and revealed that everyone, including President Bush, is holding up very well.

Dr. Siegel was joined by Col. Miguel Howe (Ret.), the Director of the Military Service Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute, and wounded warrior Sgt. Bryce Cole (Ret.).

Howe said that the event is about addressing PTSD, which is treatable but often misunderstood and stigmatized.

"This is just really an amazing event," Cole said. "President Bush, to a lot of us, is and always will be our commander-in-chief. He genuinely cares about our nation's troops, our soldiers, active, veteran, wounded, all across the board.

"So to be able to come out here on his ranch, spend time with him and be able to just sit down and realize the impact of how much he cares with a group that has built over the years, it's just an amazing event to be a part of."

"This event is about honoring the service, the sacrifice, the resilience and the continued leadership of men and women like Bryce," Howe said.

Watch the clip above and check out more on the W100K.

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