Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. talked to Stuart Varney this morning on Fox Business Network after criminal charges were announced against six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray. 

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said this morning that the medical examiner ruled Gray’s death a homicide.

The charges against the six officers ranged from second-degree murder, to involuntary manslaughter to assault.

Clarke said the charges seem politically motivated, but emphasized that the judicial process must be allowed to play out. 

"I think this is very political. From the tone of her voice, [Mosby] sounded almost exuberant in her announcement when she really needs to remember that she represents the state in this, not a protest movement, and not trying to appease an angry crowd," said Clarke. 

Clarke said he trusts the process and the judicial system and that ultimately, a jury will decide based on the evidence.

"Justice isn't a decision that you like or accept. Justice is applying this thing to the rule of law and allowing everybody each step along the way of a criminal prosecution," said Clarke. 

Watch his full analysis above.

State's Atty: Freddie Gray's Death Ruled a Homicide; All 6 Cops Charged