Bill O'Reilly said in his Talking Points Memo that some Americans are using "every excuse in the book" to try to justify the violence and looting that we saw in Baltimore this week. 

O'Reilly said we simply do not know what happened to Freddie Gray, the same way we did not initially know for sure what happened between Michael Brown and a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer.

He pointed out the Washington Post report that states Gray may have injured himself in the back of the van.

Then again, Fox News' Dr. Marc Siegel said that the severed spine sustained by Gray could not have been caused in that manner.

O'Reilly said it's irresponsible to speculate about what happened to Gray and to make "insane statements to justify vigilante violence."

"The litany of excuse-making is excruciating," said O'Reilly, lamenting the fact that some on the left seem to blame America itself for the rioting. 

"[They say] people who burn down buildings and loot are just misdirected folks who feel hopeless. And if you feel hopeless, it's OK to riot. You see, it's really not the fault of those who commit crimes. It's the fault of America because we don't provide jobs for everyone. Instead of pinpointing the real problem and then trying to solve it, you get crazy theories that attempt to provide justification for Americans hurting other Americans," he said.

He said politicians are being "dishonest in the extreme" by trying to justify rioting by pointing to a lack of job opportunities. 

Watch the full Memo above as O'Reilly calls out some of the "foolish things" that have been said this week.