A North Carolina church shared a heartwarming gift they received from a homeless person.

The leaders of First United Methodist Church in Charlotte found the envelope containing 18 cents and the powerful message last weekend.

“Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much. I’m homeless," read the anonymous note. 

The donation was discovered after a free breakfast for the homeless followed by services.

The gesture has since made national headlines after the church posted about it on Facebook.

A homeless neighbor giving back yesterday.About the widow who gave sacrificially, Jesus said, "...This poor widow has...

Posted by First United Methodist Church Charlotte, NC on Monday, April 27, 2015


According to WCNC-TV, the homeless man who left the note reached out to the pastor a few days later after the story started to spread online.

Pastor Patrick Hamrick said the man told him that the donation was "between him, the church and God."

Hamrick said he realizes that the small donation was a "big deal" in proportion to the man's poverty. 

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