Megyn Kelly spoke tonight with a Baltimore police officer who works with all six officers who were criminally charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

In an effort to keep him safe, his identity was disguised and his voice was masked during "The Kelly File" interview. At his request, he wanted to be called "Mike."

Mike shared that he has spoken with three of the officers involved in the incident. He said that they revealed to him their side of the story, including what they think happened to Gray in the van. 

"None of them actually had any knowledge he was injured until they got to the station," Mike stated. "You know, Freddie is always one of those types where when you go to arrest him on the streets, he always puts on a show and what not."

He added that it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for them and that Gray didn't show that he was injured until the van arrived at the police station. Mike said that Gray would always try to create a disturbance to get people to watch what he's doing.

Mike also stated that he doesn't feel that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is supporting the officers and that she has "hung them out to dry." 

"I think she's showing [where she] stands and I think she is showing that it is political for her," Mike said. "I think she is showing that it is a political game." 

Mike remarked that the officers are a "great group" and that "they have hearts of gold."

Watch more from the "Kelly File" exclusive interview below.

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