A bus driver has been placed on administrative leave after he allegedly locked children inside of the bus for being too loud.

About 40 kids from Dysart Elementary School in El Mirage, Arizona were on the bus when the incident happened, ABC15 reported.

A father who was trying to pick up his children from the bus stop frantically called 911 when he realized they weren't being allowed off the bus.  

"The bus driver is locking all of our kids on the bus and the parents--people are trying to break in the bus and get [the kids], and he won't let any of our kids out and he shut the door. And he's got all of our kids in there and he's turning off the A/C," the father said to the 911 operator. 

The driver ended up taking the children back to the school, where parents picked up their kids. 

"In response to a concern regarding a bus route from Tuesday, the district is conducting an investigation regarding concerns on the bus route," a statement from the school district reads. "The bus driver has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted. There is no evidence to support a claim that the driver turned off the AC on the bus."

Listen to the 911 call here

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