We know we can count on "Janice Dean the Weather Machine" for up-to-the-minute forecasts, but what don't we know about her?

Fox News Insider asked Janice to tell us five fun facts about herself and we got some awesome stories — and even better photos...

1. I'm an Awesome Lip Syncher

I was a champion lip syncher in high school. Check out this picture of me several decades ago in my award-winning performance.

2. I Was New York’s Funniest Reporter

I won New York’s funniest reporter contest a few years ago – one of the scariest experiences ever, but worth it. I have a friend of mine who always says each year you should do something that terrifies you and takes you out of your comfort zone – challenges you. This definitely qualified. I had a lot of good friends in the crowd that night, which helped a great deal. 

My whole routine was based on being a TV meteorologist – some of the funny and sometimes risqué sounding meteorological terms we use (I’m too shy to write them here), the strangest places I was ever asked about a forecast, and the crazy emails I’ve gotten over the years. Example: Dear Janice, would you like to come and shovel the 6 inches of “partly cloudy” you forecasted off my driveway?

3. I Was a Classic Rock DJ

I was a classic rock DJ for many years when I first started my broadcasting career and have some very fun backstage stories with famous rock stars! Steven Tyler was a big flirt, but also a perfect gentleman. He wouldn't let me leave his side during our meet-and-greet with the radio station. Rod Stewart once serenaded me during a sound check of "Have I Told you Lately."

Plus, I asked Peter Frampton to sign his picture, "Dear Janice, here's to another 20 years in your bedroom," since I used to have his picture in my room growing up.

4. I Worked As a Bylaw Enforcement Officer

I was born in Canada and lived there until my mid-20s. In high school, I worked summers part-time at the bylaw enforcement office at City Hall. A bylaw enforcement officer basically enforces non-criminal bylaws, rules, laws or codes set by the local government – so, dog calls, loud music complaints, grass that hasn’t been cut, parking tickets. I was a dispatcher for many summers and the people I worked with all say I got my start in broadcasting talking over the radio – “Bylaw base to car 16, I have a 10-64 on the loose!" But one summer I put the uniform on and tried being out in the field. As you can see, I thought I looked super cute in my polyester pants and clip-on tie, but I did not do well chasing dogs (afraid of them) or giving out tickets.

5. I Write Children’s Weather Books

I write children’s weather books when I’m not forecasting on Fox News! For example, in "Freddy the Frogcaster and the Huge Hurricane,” Freddy and his weather forecasting friends Sally Croaker and Polly Woggins help warn his friends and neighbors as Hurricane Andrea approaches their lily pad.

Freddy has recently been named an Ambassador to NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations) Weather Ready Nation program, in which he has been recognized as improving the nation’s “readiness, responsiveness and overall resilience against extreme weather, water and climate events.” Through Freddy, teaching children about weather and how to be better prepared has been one of my proudest accomplishments.

Check out Janice's 'Freddy the Frogcaster' books.

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