What could have inspired an Australian man to spend $4,000 on a sky-written apology note? That’s a question many people are asking after witnessing the sky-high message over Brisbane on Monday.

A man who has not yet been identified paid Skywriting Services Australia to write the message, which read:

<3 U XX

I’m Sorry

Social media users were quick to snap pictures of the apology:

Rob Vance, of Skywriting Services Australia, said that the customer didn’t seem heartbroken when he came in to request the message.

“He was calm, cool and collected,” Vance said.

The Brisbane Times reported:

Mr Vance began the mercurial mea culpa at 12.58pm and finished it at 1.10pm.

"For us the words are back to front and upside down," he said of the skywriting procedure.

"We're working in three dimensions and can't see what we're doing, so it's a bit tricky."

Mr Vance said for now he could only confirm the person behind the apology was a man and an "interesting guy".

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