A week ago, we told you about a pregnant Popeyes employee who was fired after a robbery at the Houston restaurant.

Shift manager Marissa Holcomb was robbed at gunpoint on March 31, with the thief making off with $400.

Her boss demanded she pay the money back, arguing she violated company policy on multiple occasions by leaving too much cash in the register.

When she refused to pay back the money, she was fired. 

After her firing made national headlines, Popeyes issued an apology to Holcomb and said she could return to work.

Her attorney is now demanding the company pay Holcomb $5.5 million for the emotional distress she suffered in the robbery. 

If they do not do so within 30 days, he has threatened to file a lawsuit. Holcomb has reportedly returned to work at a different Popeyes location. 

Legal analysts Brian Silber and Diana Aizman discussed the big demand on "Happening Now" today. 

Silber said he's just not "buying" the $5 million claim, pointing out that Holcomb is well enough that she already returned to work.

"I see someone who's miffed, not someone who's injured," said Silber, adding that Holcomb will have to prove that Popeyes was negligent in some way in providing security.