After five days, U.S. search and rescue teams in Nepal helped pull an 18-year-old survivor from the rubble of Saturday's devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake. 

The man was trapped between the collapsed floors of a seven-story building, but remarkably he only suffered minor injuries. reported

Pemba Tamang, 18, was carried out on a stretcher with his face covered with dust. Medics had to put an IV drop into his arm and a blue brace had been placed around his neck. He appeared stunned and his eyes blinked in the sunlight.

Nepalese rescuers, with support from an American disaster response team, had been working for hours to free Tamang from the rubble.

L.B. Basnet, the police officer who crawled into a gap in the rubble to reach the teen, said he was surprisingly responsive.

"He thanked me when I first approached him," said Basnet. "He told me his name, his address, and I gave him some water. I assured him we were near to him."

Rescuers eventually used jacks to lift the concrete slabs that had wedged him in, said Basnet.

The death toll has now surpassed 5,800 in Nepal alone. 

Watch the incredible scene above in Greg Palkot's report from "America's Newsroom."

A second person has also been rescued from the rubble on Day 6 of the recovery efforts. The woman, in her 20s, had reportedly been working at a Kathmandu hostel when the earthquake struck.

Also today, we're seeing new images of the amazing moment when a baby was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building. 

The four-month-old, covered in dust when he was freed, was trapped for nearly a full day.