Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said tonight that he would have confronted the violent protesters in Baltimore Monday night, defying the mayor's orders.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is being accused of ordering police officers to stand down and not confront the looters and rioters who damaged more than 150 businesses in the city on Monday. 

"Defied the order, sent my officers out there, made sure they had the proper resources," Clarke told Bill O'Reilly. "And make sure that they know they have the authority to use the reasonable amount of force to accomplish their mission."

He said that he "reports to the people" and that he would have not let Baltimore get so out of control.  

Clarke added that he would have put his own job and career on the line to protect the people and the businesses.

"I find it unconscionable to send men and women out into harm's way, with no way to be able to defend themselves," he stated.

Watch the video clip above.

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