President George W. Bush is hosting his fifth annual bike ride for Wounded Warriors in Texas.

Fox News' own Dr. Marc Siegel is riding along with the former commander-in-chief and our nation's heroes on the three-day journey. 

"They're injured and yet they refuse to allow their injury to consign them to a dull, meaningless life," Bush told Siegel.

The W100K ride involves about 20 injured service members on a 100-kilometer mountain bike ride near the Bush family's Crawford ranch. 

Siegel noted that for injured soldiers, it's important for them to successfully transition back to normal life, something many veterans struggle with. 

He said the Bushes invited 17 Wounded Warriors into their home, with another 14 joining on Saturday. 

Siegel said what's inspiring about the ride is that President Bush "acts as one of them."

The event seeks to bring attention to the issues of PTSD among returning veterans and traumatic brain injuries.

Watch Dr. Siegel's report and hear from the 43rd president above. 

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