New surveillance video shows a group of people looting a store during Monday night's riots in Baltimore. 

The footage appears to show at least four people inside the store stealing a number of items from the shelves of this unknown business. 

Charley Sung, an attorney for several Baltimore business owners, told Sean Hannity about the businesses that were destroyed during Monday's riots in the city. 

Sung said that it's too early to tell exactly how much money it will cost to get these businesses back up and running again. 

"I think within the next few days we'll have more information," Sung stated. "But at this point it's tough to say."

Sung said that the business owners he works with are really concerned with protecting their businesses. 

"What's interesting though is in the aftermath of the looting last night, many of the business owners actually reported to me that folks from the neighborhood actually came out in the morning, expressed their concerns, helped clean up," Sung shared. "We expect that there will be a lot of neighborhood support for their neighborhood small businesses."

Watch the full video above. 


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