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One restaurant owner stood guard outside of his Baltimore business overnight to protect it from protesters.

Nate & Tony's Midtown BBQ & Brew owner Tony Harrison was on “Fox and Friends” to explain that he saw video of a police line being breached and “realized that [authorities] weren’t going to be able to help us.” That's when he decided he would stand watch outside of his business instead.

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Harrison said that he left his restaurant at one point. When he came back, a window was broken. He said he waited inside in the dark to protect his restaurant, but nothing further happened.

"Just to protect my place, I had a little bit of weaponry and of course my lovely [dog] Sasha," Harrison said.

Harrison said he’s disappointed in the way leaders have responded to the rioting which began in the wake of Freddie Gray's death.

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“They utterly failed, they failed the businesses, they failed the communities, they failed their own police officers, who were unable to do a job without proper command,” Harrison said.

"I think a lot more damage occurred because of it, and I think a lot more bad feelings and emotional harm. And it's going to cost a lot more healing this city based upon the lackluster response of our mayor and her administration."

Harrison added that Nate & Tony's Midtown BBQ & Brew was open yesterday and is open today.

"We'd love to see anybody who wants to come by for some great barbecue and a good time."

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