Students at a Louisiana middle school rallied en masse after administrators decided to remove the words "In God We Trust" from the marquee outside the school.

Joey Ketchum, a pastor and a coach at the Shreveport school, explained on "Fox and Friends" today that the marquee went back up on Friday afternoon.  

The phrase had been removed following a legal dispute between the ACLU and another school in Caddo Parish. The complaint by the ACLU led to all public schools in the district removing religious references.

Students then rallied to support the sign, handing out t-shirts with the phrase #IStand printed on them.

The principal was so moved by the students' unity that he decided to restore the "In God We Trust" while lawyers review the issue.

Ketchum wondered, along with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, why those words can be printed on U.S. currency, but not displayed outside a school.

"If it's good for our money, it's gotta be good for the sign," said Ketchum, calling it "wonderful" to see the students' voices heard. 

"Within minutes of the last t-shirt being passed out, it was put back on the marquee."

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