A crying baby got one family kicked off a plane after being deemed a security risk by police. 

Neil Cavuto reported that 19-month-old Sarina Aziz became agitated before the Transavia Airlines flight took off from Tel Aviv. The plane was bound for England and was reportedly already several hours behind schedule.  

Ariella and Mark Aziz were struggling to keep their child still after they were asked to sit the little girl on one of their laps. Transavia Airlines requires that children under two-years-old sit in a parent's lap and not their own seat.   

The plane's staff alerted the captain, who decided to stop the departure and call airport security to have the family removed from the aircraft.

Jewish News reported:

“Everyone could see we were trying to calm Sarina down, but we couldn’t do anything,” said Ariella. “She was screaming, flailing around, hitting her head and injuring herself. She got herself so worked up she was sick. The stewards were so aggressive, they weren’t helping at all.”

Police officers stormed the plane and removed the family, to other passengers’ dismay. “It was like a terrorist incident, I couldn’t believe it,” said Ariella. “The next thing you know we’re all in squad cars heading back to Ben-Gurion.”

There, the family’s nightmare continued, with no accommodation due to the holidays, no kosher food due to the late hour, and a young daughter “covered in sick”. Ariella said the airline was “wildly unprofessional,” adding: “The way they behaved defied logic. They made no effort to deal with the baby. We’re still reeling.”

Ben Wasserstrum, a fellow passenger from London, said they were right to be aggrieved. “The plane was already an hour late, so all the kids were agitated,” he said.

A spokesperson for Transavia airlines said, "... It was unfortunate that the child was ill, but a sick child is not an excuse for refusing to follow safety instructions."

The airline will not be compensating the family. 

Watch the video clip above.

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