ISIS supporters are claiming on social media that the group is now in Rome.

Catherine Herridge reported on “Happening Now” that social media accounts with known ties to ISIS are posting threatening images, alleging that the group has spread to Rome and is poised to attack.

The images include handwritten notes with ISIS slogans and show the city of Rome in the background to prove the location.

One tweet reads, “Now we act with photos in your street… soon we will act with our sharp knives…the future is not far away.”

RT reported:

However, some Italian Twitter users are out to prove such photographs are easy to fake.

They have been taking the threats with a grain of salt, apparently writing them off as fakes, and creating their own doctored images with bits of paper and the IS logo.

The Islamic State has been making threats against Italy for months now, saying it is preparing to conquer Rome. Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, Italy set up a joint anti-terrorism task force with Albania to train police officers against possible attacks. It also posted hundreds of soldiers at sites across the country that could become possible targets.

Watch Herridge’s report above.

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