California Gov. Jerry Brown is attempting to crack down on water wasters, calling for hefty fines for people who violate water restrictions in the midst of a devastating, statewide drought.

Will Carr reported on "Happening Now" that Brown called for fines of up to $10,000 for residents and businesses that waste the most water.

"The question is: How do you go about enforcing that?" Carr said. "How do you get residents and businesses to take shorter showers, not wash cars and use less water for landscaping?"

Carr reported that Brown initially instituted a $500 fine. Evidently deciding that wasn't high enough, the Democratic governor raised it to the $10,000 figure, admitting that the massive fine is a last resort.

"There's a lot to be done. We've done a lot. We have a long way to go," Brown said Tuesday after meeting with the mayors of 14 California cities. "You might think of this as just another installment on a long enterprise to live with a changing climate and with a drought of uncertain duration."

Carr reported that some water experts are saying this is simply a PR move, an attempt to get people's attention.

Carr added that the State Water Resources Control Board is scheduled to vote next week on regulations to achieve Brown's water-saving goals, which call for cities to cut water use from between 4 percent to 36 percent compared to 2013.

Watch the "Happening Now" clip above.

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