A CNN anchor raised some eyebrows last night when she appeared to link veterans to the problems with overly aggressive police tactics. 

While interviewing Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) on the streets of Baltimore, Brooke Baldwin asked if there are problems with military veterans who become police officers. 

“I love our nation’s veterans, but some of them are coming back from war, they don’t know the communities, and they are ready to do battle," she said. 

She later took to Twitter to apologize. 

In a subsequent tweet, she said she would be making a "heartfelt apology" on the air this morning. 

Rudy Giuliani reacted this morning on "Fox and Friends," saying that in his view, veterans make up the "most disciplined" members of our police forces.

"I found that the veterans within the New York Police Department were among the very, very best," he said. 

Giuliani said that any politician who is talking about the overall problems in Baltimore should be supporting school choice. 

"We can't affect the single-family home as much. We can't affect what happens within people's bedrooms and homes. But we can affect schools and the schools in Baltimore, like in most major cities, are awful," said Giuliani, pointing out that Baltimore has been governed by Democrats and "extremely left-wing policies" for almost all of the last four decades.

Kilmeade asked Giuliani about the city's decision that the Orioles will play their game today with no fans in attendance. The league also announced that this weekend's series against the Rays will be moved from Camden Yards to Tampa.

Kilmeade recalled that in the months after 9/11, President Bush was on the mound at Yankee Stadium to throw out the first pitch at a World Series game.

Giuliani said Baltimore should ramp up the police presence outside the stadium and allow fans to attend. 

"This whole idea that if you see too many police, it causes a riot? Complete nonsense. You see too many police and it frightens you and you stop," he said.

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