On "The O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly said that African Americans have not fared particularly well under President Obama.

O'Reilly noted that the U.S. census found that the poverty rate for black Americans was 24.7 percent in 2008, then 27.2 percent in 2013. In January 2009, the black labor participation rate was 63.2 percent, then down to 61.0 percent in March 2015.

Connie Rice and Dr. Alveda King joined O'Reilly on "The Factor" to weigh in on why things appear to be going backwards for African Americans under the Obama administration.

Rice asserted that it's for the same reason that things have gone backwards under any other president.

"You can blame Obama for a lot for things, for not focusing on poverty, for example," Rice said. "But you'd also have to blame Reagan and Clinton for the mass incarceration strategy under that kind of analysis."

She said that the disintegration of the traditional family in African American communities is primarily caused by mass incarceration, the impact of technology on the labor force, a dearth of jobs and a lack of focus on eliminating poverty.

Has there ever been a society where a collective program or attitude on the part of the country led to an elimination of poverty? O'Reilly asked, to which Rice answered, "No."

"The Factor" host asserted that it is incumbent upon black communities themselves to address the disintegration of the traditional family.

King asserted that it's about character, values and supervision.

"We cannot expect the government to raise our children ... but we must have justice as well," King said. "And I believe that together we can do that."

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