Judge Andrew Napolitano said this morning that there’s a “serious absence of leadership” in Baltimore following a night of dramatic protests.

Protests over the death of Freddie Gray turned violent last night, and authorities say 15 officers were injured.

“I don’t know why the cops are not arresting people,” Napolitano said, adding that officers were obviously instructed to do nothing.

Judge Nap: 'No Legal Justification for This Kind of Behavior' in Baltimore

“What is the reason for that instruction? I don’t know, but I will suggest to you there is a serious absence of leadership here,” he said.

Napolitano asked: Why doesn’t the public know the manner and cause of Gray's death? He wondered: Why hasn’t anyone involved been charged with a crime?

Napolitano compared this case to the officer-involved shooting death of Walter Scott earlier this month in South Carolina. He said that the government in South Carolina "did the right thing" and charged the cop involved.

“It is clear that there is a perception in the African-American community in this neighborhood in Baltimore […] that the government does not protect them, […] does not treat them fairly, […] and does not treat them decently,” Napolitano said.

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He added, “That perception is now magnified.”