Potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to weigh in on the Clinton Foundation controversy and to respond to pointed comments from Ted Cruz about Walker's immigration policy.

Walker asserted that the "Clinton Cash" scandal is part of a pattern.

"It’s a different set of rules for the Clintons, or at least in their mind there is, than there is for the rest of America," Walker stated.

"And whether it’s criminal or not, I think the bottom line is that Americans need to look at this very closely and say, 'Is this what we want out of the next president?'"

He said that Americans don't want that. They want politicians to live by the laws, the same laws that all citizens have to live by.

Walker also weighed in on his recent head-butting with Ted Cruz over immigration and amnesty.

In a recent Washington Examiner interview, Cruz promoted legal immigration and criticized Walker for suggesting that he supported limiting legal immigration if it has a negative impact on the wages of American workers.

"When we talk about what should be the policy on legal immigration, it should be driven by the economic impact. And number one on the list of priorities should be: What is the impact on American workers and American wages?" Walker said.

"If unemployment is high and labor participation is low, why would we want to open the door and flood the market with more workers at a time when our own people here are looking for work?"

Walker said that we are a country of immigrants, but we are also a country of laws. He asserted that we should be looking out for the American worker in everything we do.

"From immigration to tax policy to welfare reform and everything, I’m going to stand with the American worker."

Watch the full "Fox and Friends Weekend" interview above.

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