On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling said that California's massive water problem isn't California’s problem alone.

"The Golden State, now turning brown, produces one half of all fruits, nuts and vegetables consumed in America. And prices are rising across the board," Bolling pointed out.

"They should have planned for dry skies, but instead the liberal state directed water away from farming areas and residential developments in order to protect wild life," Bolling said. "Billions of gallons of water are diverted away from the delta growing region and into the ocean every day to protect the delta smelt, a two-inch fish. All told, more than 30 percent of the state's water is allowed to drain into the Pacific Ocean."

"Wake up, California. You don't have a water supply problem. You have a water management problem," Bolling said, noting that the state actually has a massive annual water runoff surplus.

"But 40 years of almost uninterrupted, heavy-handed Democrat control of the state legislature has California drying up, and not for a lack of rain."

Bolling asserted that hundreds of billions of tax dollars were mismanaged and could have been used for preparing for dry periods.

"Why weren't billions spent planning for a non-rainy day instead of protecting a two-inch non-edible fish?" Bolling asked. "Insane liberal policies, environmental protests and politicians in activists’ pockets, that's why."

Bolling said it doesn't have to be this way, though, noting that some solutions could be reverting to the natural flow of rainwater, a pipeline from the northern region where rain is plentiful, desalinization or going to a market-based system for pricing water. He said, unfortunately, none of those solutions will see the light of day.

"Why? California is loaded with liberals, and liberals don't possess logic, common sense or business sense," Bolling said.

"Let's be clear, the California drought isn't just man-made. It's liberal man-made. So let's not blame Mother Nature. She's never wrong. Blame liberal logic. It's never right."

Watch Bolling's full "Wake Up, America" segment in the clip above.

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