A University of North Texas student was on “Fox and Friends” this morning to voice her support for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott despite a petition calling for a different graduation speaker.

The Republican governor is set to be the school’s keynote speaker for this year's graduating class, but some students are trying to change that.

A petition reads:

“Governor Abbott is an advocate for immigration reform, border patrol, and anti-equal marriage laws. This does not align the spirit of the University of North Texas which prides itself in providing equal opportunities for their students.”

Student Hailey Carlson said that the school is very liberal, and even teachers are telling students to protest the governor’s speech. But she added that there are many conservative students on campus, too, and said that their voices aren’t being heard.

“He’s our governor, he’s our leader,” she said, charging the protesters with having no respect for authority.

“I think it's completely disrespectful,” she said. “I'm honored our governor wants to talk at our graduation.”

Carlson said a rally will be held May 4 to show support for Abbott.