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Charles Krauthammer said tonight on "Special Report" that Hillary Clinton has been redefined by the allegations inside the new book, "Clinton Cash." 

The book by Peter Schweizer is said to claim that foreign entities donated to the foundation and paid former President Bill Clinton high-dollar speaking fees in exchange for favors from the State Department.

Yesterday The New York Times reported on the sale of a uranium company to Russia, which raises questions about the role of Clinton's State Department and donations to The Clinton Foundation.

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Hillary Clinton's campaign has pushed back in recent days, characterizing the book as a political "attack" to damage her presidential candidacy.

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Krauthammer explained that her email scandal and these new allegations have "redefined her."

He asserted that Clinton is now being characterized as "controversial, on the edge of corruption, [and] not trustworthy."

"That's an impression that even though the details aren't known, it's going to be very hard for her to overcome," he remarked. 

Krauthammer added that these are "self-inflicted wounds."

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