A group of fraternity members are under investigation following accusations that they taunted wounded warriors and urinated on an American flag.

Warrior Beach Retreat founder Linda Cope was on “Fox and Friends” this morning, where she discussed the sickening incident.

The veterans were in Panama City Beach, Fla., for an all-expense paid vacation provided by Cope’s organization. It was there that the wounded warriors encountered a group of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members from the University of Florida and Emory University. What happened next was “very disheartening” to Cope.

The frat boys are accused of taunting the vets, desecrating flags, and making derogatory comments toward veterans’ wives. Cope said that they even spat on a vet and a service dog.

“It was sad to me that these were severely combat-wounded warriors that they were just making fun of and harassing,” Cope said.

Cope commended the way that the wounded warriors handled the ordeal.

“I was so proud of these men and women that kept their cool in the face of conflict from young guys and girls that […] just left their brains behind. It was sad to see,” Cope said.

She also praised the resort and its security team for quickly getting things under control.

Three young men have been expelled from the University of Florida, and the school has apologized for their behavior. But Emory University said that it could not confirm that its students were involved.

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