Rev. Franklin Graham said tonight that he thinks President Barack Obama made a mistake by pulling American troops out of Iraq. 

"The military commanders told him not to do it," Graham told Eric Bolling. "...Now we have a mess on our hands and the president and his policies are responsible for this."

Graham stated that Christians and other minority groups are being "butchered" by ISIS. 

"The president has been doing virtually nothing," he remarked. "I appreciate the airstrikes, but it's almost too little too late. I'm afraid the United States is going to have to put troops back into Iraq, which I would hate to see. But that may be the only way to defeat ISIS."

Graham also discussed Obama's recent comments about Christians that he made at the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast.

He said that he doesn't understand who is advising Obama or where he's getting his information from.

"The Christians in the Middle East are being persecuted and they're being slaughtered. And it's happening on his watch," Graham stated. 

Watch the full video above.

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