Megyn Kelly shared new information tonight about a series of terrifying raids which were reportedly a form of political retribution against supporters of Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI). 

She explained that a few of the people who were raided came forward and spoke to the National Review about what they experienced.

Kelly reported that Cindy Archer had a raid conducted on her home when she was sound asleep one night. 

Archer claims that more than a dozen police officers were yelling and pounding on her door.

She said that police would not tell her why they were there as they ransacked her home, Kelly reported. 

Police officers reportedly seized Archer's computers and phones and told her that she couldn't tell anyone what happened.  

Eric O'Keefe, a member of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, told Kelly tonight that people were "targeted based on a theory which is completely unsupportable under Wisconsin law."

He explained that they were attacked because "the left was tired of losing election after election after election." 

Watch the full video above. 

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