The New York Post called out, on a recent cover, the fact that topless women are targeting underage tourists for pictures in Times Square. 

The costumed women, wearing only thong underwear and paint over their breasts, are frequently seen strolling through the Crossroads of the World when the weather is warm. 

Similar to the costumed characters who have caused an uproar at times, the women pose for pictures with tourists in exchange for a few bucks. 

But according to The Post, a tour guide noticed recently that a few middle school students had slipped out of his group and were having their photos taken with the women. 

“They’re engaging in child pornography — that’s my biggest fear,” fumed Brian Mathis, who gives tours of New York City to middle school students from across the country.

“We’re fighting an uphill battle. If the kid can get away from you for 30 seconds, that’s what they’re going to do. These kids have pocket money. They’re an easy mark.”

Mathis, who works for the Montana-based Global Travel Alliance, was leading a group of middle schoolers from Billings a week ago when a 14-year-old and two pals left the pack.

He said when he complained that the boy was only 14, the woman answered that they are "allowed to do this."

Fox Business Network talked to people in Times Square, with most saying they're not offended by the women walking around. 

But most agreed that it's not an appropriate image for a child to have to see.