In tonight's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly said that accusations are mounting against Hillary Clinton that date back to her time as secretary of state.

O'Reilly said that Clinton is being accused of using her position to enrich the Clinton Foundation by doing favors for foreign governments and corporations. 

"If true, that would likely eliminate Mrs. Clinton from the presidential race," he said. 

"The Factor" host explained that the evidence is "circumstantial" and has not been vetted. 

"Talking Points believes there is enough evidence of major money flowing to the Clinton Foundation and to the Clintons themselves through lecture fees that an official investigation has to be launched," O'Reilly said.

He remarked that the Clintons should be given the "presumption of innocence."

"As one who has been dishonestly smeared, I loathe political hit jobs," O'Reilly added. "But there are major questions here and they must, must be answered. No government official should benefit financially while serving the people."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above. 

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